Savings & Deposits

Have you got a long-term savings goal? Get better rates with one of our Fixed Term Savings Accounts. With a wide range of accounts to suit your needs.  We are deposit agents for KBC Bank and permanent tsb, giving you a number of savings options to suit you. Minimum deposit €3000.

Saving and investing is an important part of planning for your future. Saving regularly will help you:

  • Manage your money
  • Cope with unexpected expenses and emergencies
  • Afford things you need in the future
  • Borrow less
  • Ease financial stress

It’s a good idea to save for events you know are coming up in the short-term, like holidays or Christmas. This means you will have some money put aside when the time comes. Saving for the short-term allows you to access your money at short notice, while earning some interest and keeping your money safe. We have a range of short and long term deposit accounts available

The government has compensation and guarantee schemes in place to protect savings and investments in Irish banks.

Our QFA qualified financial adviser will advise you on how to save or invest your money. This will help you decide the products that suit your needs best.

We offer the following types of accounts


High Interest  on Demand Accounts  – great deposit rate with 100% access to your money

High Interest Fixed Term Accounts – great fixed deposit rate , guaranteed rate for the term of the account. You can fix your rate for 1 month or up to 4 years.

High Interest Fixed Term Accounts with withdrawal facility – great fixed deposit rate, guaranteed rate for the term of the account. You can fix your rate for 1 year or up to 4 years. One  withdrawal up to 25% allowed.

Sterling Deposits – on demand and fixed rates available for Sterling deposits.

Income Account – long term savings account where the interest is paid out annually

Talk to us today about opening an account.