Financial Broker

Financial Broker: An expert in financial matters, a Financial Broker provides services to both companies and individuals. Services can include: personal financial planning, life cover, serious illness cover, income protection, health insurance, savings, investments, pensions, retirement planning, business financial planning, inheritance tax planning, mortgages and commercial finance. Financial Brokers differ from Insurance Brokers whose services typically include house insurance, car insurance and commercial insurance. At Kearys we do both and we hold agencies with  the leading  life insurance companies in the Irish Broker market, giving you expert advice on a broad range of products and providers. We are also deposit agents for KBC & PTSB and can advice on the best savings product for you.

What can I expect from a Financial Broker? Firstly, a Financial Broker will take time to get to know you, your personal circumstances and your financial goals. They will discuss your options and help you come up with a financial plan. Secondly, they will research products that match your needs from the range of companies they deal with, providing a "fair analysis" of the relevant market. This means they will generally research a majority of the product providers in that market. As an example: when it comes to life and pension products, there are eight companies active in the Irish market. Financial Brokers will generally deal with at least five of these eight companies, which means you get market-wide advice from one source.